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      1. Quality & reliability

        Product shelf life

        Shelf life for semiconductor products is based on a number of factors, including moisture sensitivity levels (MSL), the use of moisture barrier bags (MBBs) in product packaging, and the amount of desiccant used.

        As a result, standard shelf life for TI packaged products is two years from the time it was manufactured to the time it is delivered by TI or a TI authorized distributor.

        TI also offers extended shelf life of certain products to enable up to five years of total shelf life from the time it is manufactured to the time it is delivered by TI or a TI authorized distributor. This extension is possible due to lead frame advancements, along with improvements in packing materials, work methods and inventory logistics. The extension is typically determined by the moisture sensitivity of the product in question.

        Extended shelf life of certain products allows TI to build ahead to deliver continuity of supply to customers. With the TI warranty remaining intact, TI provides more immediate availability of product, and helps minimize burdens caused by end-of-life complications on mature products.

        Shelf life search tool

        To quickly locate shelf life information, search by part number using the tool below. Results can be downloaded to an excel file. For more information, please contact customer service or your local sales representative.

        Y = This part will be shipped with a PSL label
        N = This part will be shipped with a standard (non-PSL) label
        M = This part may be shipped with both PSL and non-PSL label
        Part type
        TI part number Customer part number
        Part number