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      1. Multi-access edge computing (MEC)

        Multi-access edge computing (MEC) cloud-based IT service environment at the network edge


        Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you quickly create multi-access edge computing (MEC) designs with higher energy efficiency, density and fast data computing. Our power management and signal chain ICs support the need to improve 5G network latency performance as well as emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

        MEC systems require:

        • High DC/DC power conversion and protection
        • Increased density to meet standard rack and OCP rack size requirements
        • High-bandwidth data throughputs requiring leading-edge signal processing
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        PDF 476 KB 06 Nov 2018
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        pdf 2.65 MB 03 Jun 2016

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        PDF 1.99 MB 07 Dec 2018
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